How To Get Over Someone You Never Dated?

It’s a very strange experience to find yourself feeling something comparable to heartbreak around a person you never actually dated. What gives you the authority to have these feelings anyway? But that’s the thing about feelings, unless you have magical powers, you can’t just switch them on and off at your will. Wouldn’t that be nice?

That said, here are some thoughts to consider that may help you if you are currently trying to move on from someone you could never truly call yours.

First of all, realize that you are not alone. And not only that, that these feelings are completely justifiable even if they don’t warrant the same type of public sympathy you see people who have been dumped receiving over their heartbreaks.

One great way to move on from someone is to remove yourself from environmental cues that remind you of this person. Throw yourself into new situations with new people. This is arguably the easiest way to get over someone in general. When you are constantly being exposed to environmental triggers that take you back to moments that remind you of someone, it is next to impossible to move on without some serious mind control.

Another great way to try and get over someone is to stay busy: take up new hobbies, join a new community, go on vacation, sign-up for a work out class, take up some extra work, enrol in an interesting course on a topic you are interested in.

The more free time you have, the more your mind wanders, and if you are currently wrapped up in a person who for some reason is no longer in your life, it’s best to occupy yourself with stimulating, fulfilling activities.

And lastly, do not be so hard on yourself. Focus on the things that will propel you forward rather than hold you back. Start taking action steps towards your next milestone. Map out the next 12 months.

Define the goals you want to achieve and create a plan for how you can make this happen. Invest in yourself. Besides at the end of the day, that’s who matters. You. When the right person is meant to come along, they will.

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