6 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Your Crush Like You

It’s not always to obvious why you like someone. Maybe it’s their quirky charm, maybe it’s their smile. Who knows?

And although scientists have yet to crack the code on precisely what it is that causes people to fully develop an attraction towards someone, here are some interesting findings of things you can do to make someone instantly like you:

  1. Copy The Person You’re Interacting With: this is a strategy called Mirroring. “mirroring” is when you subtly mimic copy the other person’s facial expressions, behavior, body language, and mannerisms.
  2. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable From Time To Time: nobody is perfect, but almost everybody is afraid to admit it. By occasionally revealing your flaws, you are letting the other person know you trust them. By letting people know you trust them, they feel an emotional connection to you. By laying your cards out on the table, you are welcoming people into your space and letting them know you want them to see who you really are: this is very flattering
  3. Competence = Confidence: as simple as this sounds, competence is the key to confidence. If you know what you’re talking about, you will appear confident by default: this is true confidence. People are drawn to this inner-knowing and will automatically like you.
  4. Emphasize Common Core Values: people love nothing more than to feel like they are seen, heart, and understood. By highlighting that your values are in alignment with the other person’s they will immediately feel an attraction to you. Humans are social beings as well as tribal beings. It is in our nature to want to create connections with others who are like us.
  5. Give Meaningful Compliments (but don’t overdo it): if you genuinely like something about someone, tell them. Look for things that make the other person feel unique and special. By giving out thoughtful compliments every now and then, the person doesn’t just feel good, but really appreciated them. Don’t dilute the compliments by overdoing it. But also don’t compliment at all. Life is all about balance.
  6. Casual Touches That Aren’t Creepy: subliminal touching is defined as when you touch someone so subtly that they hardly even notice. Common examples include tapping someone’s back or touching their arm, which can make them feel more warmly toward you.

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